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Alpine SPC-106T6 16,5 cm Component Speaker System for Volkswagen T6

by Alpine

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Upgrade your Volkswagen T6 with the new SPC-106T6 high-end component speaker system.

This Alpine Adventure Audio system for the Volkswagen T6 perfectly unites function with form: enjoy audiophile grade sound quality, while the beautiful photo-etched stainless-steel tweeter grills simply look stunning in your A-pillars.

The High-end tweeters let you hear every note with stunning clarity and fast dynamics, while the 16,5 cm mid-range door speakers produce a wide frequency range that uncovers the rich details of every audio track – delivering your favorite songs with powerful mid-bass and amazing texture and accuracy

Due to the original VW connectors and usage of the original wiring harness, installation is fast and easy. The system is also compatible with the front windscreen roller blinds in the VW T6 California and can be further upgraded to the Concert Ensemble with a powerful 300 Watts subwoofer and a 6-channel DSP amplifier.

The Alpine Adventure Sound Experience

The Alpine Adventure Sound Experience

The new series of Alpine Adventure Audio sound solutions for the Volkswagen T6 have arrived - with the listening and mobility styles of motorhome and camping van enthusiasts in mind. Specially engineered for the challenging, and often audio-unfriendly environments of these camping and utility vehicles, our systems are guaranteed to provide unmatched sonic excellence on those long drives to your destination. They are not only a joy to listen to, but also a breeze to install, and their distinctive design will spruce up any cockpit without spoiling the original cabin cosmetics. Make your road-trips as exhilarating as your activities upon arrival with an Alpine Adventure Audio system!

Your VW T6 never sounded that good

Made for Volkswagen Bulli

Your VW T6 never sounded that good

Bring high-fidelity audio to your Volkswagen T6 at an affordable cost with the Alpine SPC-106T6 Adventure Audio speaker system. From deep, rich bass to accurate mids and crisp, clean highs – you will hear every note with a new sense of clarity. The speaker system handles up to 180 Watts peak power and provides an audiophile listening experience. For even more power handling and mid-bass, you can alternatively chose the SPC-108T6, featuring massive 20cm door speakers instead of 16,5cm.

Made for Volkswagen T6

Whether you are a carpenter, a camping fan or part of a large family, this sound system is for you and your T6. The SPC-106T6 Adventure Audio speaker system is compatible with all Volkswagen T6 configurations (Multivan, California, Caravelle and Transporter) and any kind of original or aftermarket radio systems (expect the original Dynaudio system). It is also compatible with the T6 California front windscreen roller blinds.

Designed to be seen and heard

Fast & easy installation

Designed to be seen and heard

The first thing you will notice about the SPC-106T6 are the beautifully designed stainless steel tweeter grills in the A-pillars, that replace the original plastic VW grills. We use a cutting-edge chemical photo etching process for highest aesthetics and acoustics performance, to make them look stunning from every angle – yet acoustically optimized and virtually transparent to the sound waves passing through them.

Fast & easy installation

The Alpine speaker system components use only original installation locations for easy installation – and to maintain the option to re-install the factory system (if you drive a leasing vehicle that needs to be returned at some point in time). All connectors are plug-and-play compatible with the original VW wiring harness and connectors. The overall installation can be accomplished with regular household tools in a short time. A step-by-step installation manual is included.

Enjoy crisp, clean highs

Hi-End Audio

Enjoy crisp, clean highs

28 mm audiophile-grade silk dome tweeters with back-chambers produce crisp, clean highs that let you hear every note with stunning clarity and fast dynamics. Our sound engineers also created audio optimized tweeter installation brackets for the A-pillars, allowing the tweeters to point right at the listeners in the cabin. This strongly improves the sound stage and clarity for an amazing listening experience.

High-end silk dome tweeters

Take your listening experience to the next level with the Alpine Adventure Audio systems for the VW T6. The high-end 28 mm tweeters feature extended high frequency response well beyond 25 kHz to faithfully reproduce the sound stage and the harmonic details of the music.

Dynamic mid-bass experience

Upgrade to Adventure Audio: Concert Ensemble

Dynamic mid-bass experience

The Alpine-designed dynamic mid-range speakers produce a wide frequency range that uncovers the rich details of every audio track – delivering your favorite songs with powerful mid-bass and amazing texture and accuracy. The included steel base rings ensure a rock-solid, vibration free connection to the door frame and perfectly seal the door interior from moisture due to the attached silicone seals.

Upgrade to Adventure Audio: Concert Ensemble

Get the ultimate listening experience by upgrading your SPC-106T6 speaker system with the 550 Watts DSP amplifier & subwoofer kit SPC-D84AT6 for the Volkswagen T6. The DSP amplifier strongly increases power output and dynamic of your Adventure Audio system and features vehicle specific DSP sound settings and a plug-and-play wiring harness. Adding a 300 Watts dual voice coil 20cm subwoofer below the passenger seat in a sealed, custom fit enclosure results in rich, deep bass and an overall smooth and balanced sound experience. The subwoofer is also compatible with the rotary passenger seat in the T6 California.


Mid-Range Woofer

  • 166 mm mid-range door speaker
  • Includes steel plates for solid door installation and adaptation to 200 mm door cut-out
  • High quality steel basket and rubber surround
  • 25 mm voice coil
  • Large Ferrite magnet
  • Includes foam seal ring
  • For easy installation with original VW cable harness (original connectors)


  • 28 mm audiophile-grade back-chambered silk-dome tweeters
  • Neodymium magnet
  • Stainless steel tweeter grills (photo etched)
  • Acoustically optimized tweeter installation brackets
  • Integrate speaker network with foil condenser


  • Peak Power Handling: 180 Watts
  • RMS Power Handling: 60 Watts


  • Frequency response: 45Hz – 25kHz
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 89dB 1W/m


Compatible Cars

Maker Model Model year
Volkswagen T6 California 07/2015 - 10/2019
Volkswagen T6 Multivan 07/2015 - 10/2019
Volkswagen T6 Transporter 07/2015 - 10/2019
Volkswagen T6 Caravelle 07/2015 - 10/2019

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