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Alpine SWC-D84S Stage 2: Upgrade to Crescendo Ensemble SPC-R100-DU and SWC-D84S the Custom Subwoofer System for Fiat Ducato 3

by Alpine

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Alpine Adventure Audio sound systems are designed to deliver excellent sound quality and match the needs of motorhomes and camping vans.

These systems feature new, innovative audio-technologies to achieve the best sound quality in your motorhome. Alpine offers a sound system upgrade in 3 stages for the Fiat Ducato 3 and the same platform of vehicles.

You can increase your bass output and overall tonal balance with the SWC-D84S subwoofer system. By adding it to the SPC-R100-DU, you create the Crescendo Ensemble – stage 2 of the Ducato sound system. The subwoofer is integrated perfectly in the center console for a stealthy appearance.

Compatible with Fiat Ducato 3, Citroën Jumper 2 and Peugeot Boxer 2.

Crescendo Ensemble

Alpine Adventure Audio - Sound Experience

We highly recommend to upgrade your Fiat Ducato to the Concert Ensemble (consisting of SPC-R100-DU 12 cm Radial Speaker System, SWC-D84S Subwoofer System and SWA-150KIT Power Amplifier Kit) for the best sound experience in your motorhome.

Overcoming Limitations

20 cm Shallow Subwoofer

Overcoming Limitations

The SWC-D84S is designed to overcome the audio limitations of the Fiat Ducato cabin. The vehicle’s doors have no internal sound-proofing, resulting in strong vibration noise of the inner door panel. Audio playback is also heard easily by neighboring motorhomes on a camping site, due to the missing sound-proofing. By adding this subwoofer to the center console, you can enjoy much deeper and cleaner bass and overcome the mentioned issues from the ground up.

20 cm Shallow Subwoofer

The 20 cm shallow-type, dual-voice coil (2 Ohm + 2 Ohm) subwoofer features 250 Watts peak power handling and can be connected to the 2 rear channels of your original or aftermarket radio. If you have rear speakers connected to your radio, you can continue using them in parallel to the subwoofer. We recommend to use the SWA-150KIT Power Amplifier Kit for an even stronger bass output and dynamic.

Perfect Installation

Vehicle Compatibility

Perfect Installation

The included steel installation bracket gets mounted to the center console structure below the original cup-holder. The subwoofer enclosure then slides in from the front and perfectly blends into the center console. A cable harness for simple plug-and-play connection to the radio is included. Note that the original cup-holder is mandatory for this installation and needs to be installed as well, if not originally available.

Vehicle Compatibility

We designed the SWC-D84S to be compatible with Fiat Ducato 3, Citroën Jumper 2 and Peugeot Boxer 2 motorhomes and vans. Mandatory condition is the original cup-holder* in the center console. The cup-holder can be purchased separately from the vehicle manufacturer.

Included Plug-And-Play Wiring Kit

Stage 3: Upgrade to Concert Ensemble

Included Plug-And-Play Wiring Kit

The SWC-D84S includes an ISO cable kit for head unit adaptation. It connects the two rear channels to drive the subwoofer. There is also a low-pass filter that gets connected in line to limit the bandwidth frequency for the subwoofer. This low-pass filter gets removed when upgrading to the Concert Ensemble with the SWA-150KIT.

Stage 3: Upgrade to Concert Ensemble SPC-R100-DU, SWC-D84S and SWA-150KIT

The final upgrade stage (SWA-150KIT) to your Ducato Adventure Sound system adds a power amplifier to drive the SWC-D84S subwoofer. The result is a huge improvement of dynamic and bass power. This 150 Watts digital amp is very compact and can be easily installed behind the glove box of your Ducato. The kit comes with a wired bass remote knob that gets installed in the dashboard for easy access to bass gain, as well as full wiring harness for plug-and-play connectivity to your radio.



  • 20 cm flat subwoofer in sealed enclosure
  • Dual voice coil (2 Ohm + 2 Ohm)
  • Subwoofer features low power requirements


  • Included steel mounting bracket for center console installation
  • Included ISO adapter for adaption to the radio
  • Includes low-pass filter cable


Power Handling

  • Peak Power: 250 Watts
  • RMS Power: 75 Watts


  • This woofer enclosure is designed to fit in the center console below the cup-holder


  • Frequency response: 30Hz – 200Hz
  • Impedance: Dual 2 Ohm

Compatible Cars

Model year
Ducato III (250)
06/2006 – 2010
Ducato III Facelift (250)
2011 – 2014
Ducato III (290)
2014 – 2021
Jumper II (250)
06/2006 →
Boxer II (250)
06/2006 →
Movano III (TypC)
10/2021 →

Compatible with original radio and aftermarket head units.

If you own a liner motorhome, please check compatibility before purchase!

* Only compatible with vehicles with original cup-holder. The cup-holder can be retro-fitted using original manufacturer parts.

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