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Audio Technica AT-LP2X Automatic Belt Drive Turntable

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Experience the perfect fusion of premium sound quality and user-friendly functionality with the Audio Technica AT-LP2X, providing an ideal means to savour your vinyl collection.

The anti-resonance design featuring a damped base effectively minimizes distortion, while the die-cast platter guarantees both pitch stability and smooth operation. This serves as an ideal foundation for Audio Technica's outstanding arm and cartridge.

The arm and cartridge integrated into the LP2X stand out as leaders in their class, a testament to Audio Technica's decades-long reputation as a top-tier tonearm and cartridge manufacturer. The tonearm, equipped with a removable headshell and adjustable anti-skate and tracking weight, facilitates easy cartridge upgrades. However, there's little urgency to upgrade, given the excellent performance of the standard Audio Technica AT91R cartridge, delivering precise and lively sound to complement the turntable.

User-friendly features abound in the Audio Technica AT-LP2X, notably its fully automatic playback functionality. This means the turntable not only halts at the end of a record but also initiates play and returns the arm automatically. Choosing between 12” or 7” discs is a simple selection process to start enjoying your vinyl collection hassle-free.

Enhancing its connectivity options, the AT-LP2X incorporates a built-in phono preamp, enabling seamless connections to a wide array of hi-fi systems or compatible smart speakers. The phono preamp elevates the signal to line level, allowing compatibility with devices featuring RCA phono AUX inputs. Alternatively, users can easily deactivate the turntable's phono preamp if they prefer to utilize their amplifier's phono preamp.

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