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Audio Technica AT-LP5X Manual Direct Drive Turntable



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The AT-LP5X Turntable: Perfect Blend of Features and Sound Quality
Discover the AT-LP5X, the latest addition to the award-winning turntable lineup, offering an ideal balance of features and exceptional sound quality. Whether you're just entering the world of vinyl or already have a cherished collection, this turntable is designed to meet your needs.

Designed for Clarity: AT-LP5X Direct Drive Turntable
Experience the unparalleled clarity of the AT-LP5X with its direct drive motor, delivering superb pitch stability. Coupled with a cast aluminum platter and a low-resonance chassis, it ensures ideal speed stability, perfect pitch, and minimal distortion for the ultimate listening experience.

Enhanced Audio Technica Tonearm for Precise Groove Alignment
The classic J-shaped tonearm on the AT-LP5X is designed for perfect groove alignment. Equipped with adjustable dynamic anti-skate control, it allows the cartridge to track the record with utmost accuracy, resulting in minimal distortion and maximum detail.

Latest AT Cartridge for Enhanced Sound Quality
The AT-LP5X features the latest Audio Technica cartridge, including an elliptical stylus for a significant upgrade over standard cartridges. Its elliptical stylus delves deeper into the groove, extracting more musical details compared to basic conical cartridges.

Three Speeds, Including 78 RPM
In addition to playing 33 and 45 RPM records, the AT-LP5X is now compatible with 78 RPM records. Simply swap the stylus for an AT-VMN95SP (available as an option) to enjoy your 78s.

Archive Your Records to PC or Mac via USB
Easily digitize your vinyl collection with the USB output of the Audio Technica AT-LP5X. Connect it to your PC or Mac, use third-party software like Audacity, and convert your vinyl records into MP3 format. Your options are limitless – load them onto your MP3 player, NAS drive, record on CD, or simply archive them on your computer for easy access.

Built-In Phono Stage for Seamless Integration
The AT-LP5X is designed for convenience, featuring a built-in phono stage. This means you can connect it to any AUX input without the need for a hi-fi system with a phono pre-amp. Alternatively, you can deactivate the built-in phono stage and use your existing one.

Get ready to delve deeper into the groove with the exceptional Audio Technica AT-LP5X turntable.

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