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Audio Technica AT-VM95SP/H 78 Cartridge & Headshell


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Perfect for Your 78 RPM Classics: Conical Bonded Stylus
Discover the ideal stylus for your treasured 78 RPM records! Our conical bonded (3mil) stylus features a generously large curvature radius at the tip, measuring 3 mil. This design is meticulously crafted to ensure your enjoyment of 78 RPM records from various eras, capturing the essence of music history with precision and clarity.

Effortless Setup: AT-VM95SP Cartridge with AT-HS6BK Headshell
Simplify your vinyl experience with our preassembled solution! The AT-VM95SP cartridge seamlessly fits onto the 9g aluminum die-cast body headshell, ensuring a hassle-free setup for your turntable. Enjoy your music with ease.

VM95 Series - Styli compatibility
All cartridge diamond styluses eventually wear out with use. A conical stylus lasts about 500 hours, an elliptical stylus lasts around 300 hours, a microlinear stylus reaches 1000 hours, and a Shibata stylus endures for about 800 hours. However, our VM95 Series dual-moving magnet cartridges offer a solution. Instead of replacing the entire cartridge when the stylus wears out, you can simply purchase a matching replacement stylus. Additionally, you have the option to upgrade your cartridge with a different stylus for an improved experience. All six models in the VM95 Series share the same electromagnetic engine body, making them fully compatible with any of the six replacement styli. This extends the life and versatility of your cartridge.

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