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Audiovector QR3 Floorstanding Speakers


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Superior Technology in an Elegant Package

The QR series combines cutting-edge technology with high-end design. It delivers a sound that seamlessly blends dynamism and sophistication. The Aerospace Grade Aluminium fascia plate, created from a single piece, undergoes meticulous precision work, resulting in an appealing Tungsten Titanium Grey finish. The rose gold-plated dispersion mesh, doubling as an S-Stop filter, enhances both aesthetics and acoustics. The innovative Audiovector drive unit operates across octaves without the usual distortion, offering music that's warm, precise, dynamic, and immersive.

Aerospace-Grade Elegance and Acoustic Mastery

In the QR series, auditory excellence meets visual sophistication. The Aerospace Grade Aluminium fascia plate symbolizes perfection through precision machining, glass blasting, brushing, and anodization. The rose gold-plated dispersion mesh, a refined S-Stop filter, contributes to unmatched acoustic refinement. The Audiovector drive unit redefines audio reproduction by maintaining precision across a wide frequency spectrum, eliminating distortion for a richly detailed, expressive, and immersive auditory experience.

Precision Engineering for Audiophile Bliss

The QR series exemplifies precision engineering and musical finesse. The Aerospace Grade Aluminium fascia plate undergoes intricate processes, resulting in an irresistible Tungsten Titanium Grey allure. The rose gold-plated dispersion mesh, an astute S-Stop filter, adds charm and acoustic excellence. The remarkable Audiovector drive unit maintains pristine performance across a wide range, delivering warmth, precision, and captivating dynamism to discerning music enthusiasts.

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