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Connects2 CT53-AU04 Audi A2 A3 A4 A6 A8 TT Active System Interface Amplified Adaptor Lead

Model# CT53-AU04


SKU 223236

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This adapter allows an aftermarket head unit to be installed, whilst bypassing the factory fitted amplified system. This adapter is designed to match the correct impedance of the vehicles speaker system.
Compatible in the following vehicles:
Audi A2. From years 1999-2005.
Audi A3. From years 1996-2005.
Audi A4. From years 1995-2005.
Audi A6. From years 1996-2004.
Audi A8. From years 1994-2004.
Audi TT. From years 1998-2006.

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