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Edifier E25HD Bluetooth Speaker System

by Edifier


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Elevate Your Audio Experience with Edifier's e25HD Bluetooth Speakers

Edifier once again pushes the boundaries of audio excellence with the e25HD Bluetooth speakers. Building upon an already impeccable Bluetooth 4.0 speaker, the e25HD offers even more, featuring a stylish design with smooth curves and a piano finish. These award-winning Luna HD Bluetooth speakers provide an exceptional audio and visually striking experience. Equipped with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Dynamic Range Compression (DRC), this 74-watt bookshelf Bluetooth speakers are perfect for TV and home entertainment, immersing you in the world of sound.

Exceptional Sound Quality and Connectivity

Your TV has never sounded better, with the e25HD bringing depth and power to your entertainment experience. Whether it's movies, gaming, or your favorite TV shows, these speakers deliver clear, immersive sound. Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity ensures wireless audio streaming, while the included auxiliary cable allows you to power up any electronic device. Control is at your fingertips with touch-sensitive controls on the speaker or the included stylish remote. Each speaker boasts a 3-inch bass driver, ¾-inch silk dome tweeter, and twin passive bass radiators for maximum impact. With DSP and DRC, distortion is minimized even at high volumes, ensuring clean, clear audio that fills your room.

Impressive Specifications for Audiophiles

Dive into the technical details of the e25HD speakers. With a total power output of 15W x 2 + 22W x 2, these speakers deliver exceptional audio quality. They feature optical input for connectivity to multimedia systems and gaming consoles, making them a versatile addition to your entertainment setup. With a frequency response of 50Hz~20KHz ±6dB and a sleek design measuring 122 x 212 x 222 mm (W x H x D), these speakers blend style and performance seamlessly. Elevate your audio experience with Edifier's e25HD Bluetooth speakers, where every sound comes to life.

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