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Edifier R1080BT Active Bluetooth Bookshelf Speaker Set

by Edifier


SKU 108708

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Experience a warmer, more refined audio quality with silk-dome tweeters that deliver a balanced, lifelike tone to your favorite music. Crank up the volume and revel in smooth and accurate sound, even at higher levels. The 1080BT boasts rich, powerful lows and a well-balanced mid-range that perfectly complements its warm sound, providing a punchy low end that harmoniously blends with the mids and highs.

Timeless Elegance
Enhanced by a matte finish, this unit offers a timeless aesthetic that will be a delight to admire for years to come. The smooth front panel adds a touch of luxury to your audio setup.

Advanced Digital Signal Processing
Thanks to modern Digital Signal Processing (DSP), this unit achieves sound playback with unparalleled precision, surpassing what analog signals can deliver on their own. With DSP, the audio quality is raised to new heights.

Minimized Vibrations for Crystal-Clear Sound
A robust MDF wooden enclosure minimizes cabinet vibrations, resulting in smoother and clearer sound quality. Enjoy audio that's free from unwanted distortions.

Wide Variety of Connections
Connect effortlessly with Bluetooth, AUX, and PC inputs, accommodating both lossy and lossless audio formats. Conveniently placed buttons on the top and back panel allow you to make quick adjustments during playback.

Improved Audio Output Efficiency
The inclusion of a bass reflex port optimizes air circulation, significantly improving sound efficiency. This leads to a lower cut-off frequency on the low pass filter, resulting in improved sound response. Additionally, the port's enhanced performance reduces distortion by taking on a substantial portion of the workload, effectively reducing cabinet resonance.

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