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Focal Auditor ACX 100 - 4″ 100mm 2-Way Car Door Coaxial Speakers 120W

by Focal
Model#ACX 100


SKU 82908

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With a dimension of 100mm, the ACX 100 coaxial kit will satisfy anyone who wants to improve the audio system of his vehicle. For nearly 20 years this product line has benefited from many upgrades and has built its reputation around its reliability and its acoustic qualities which are unique to Focal and offered at a very attractive price. Combined with electronics or directly connected to the vehicle's original amplifier, this kit will considerably improve the audio experience in any type of cabin. ACX 100 can be linked with other electronics or directly connected to the vehicle’s original amplifier to enhance your in-car listening experience. Its high sensitivity guarantees an unrivalled level of performance in its category. It is perfect for a début Focal system and/or for improving your original sound system. Easy Mounting Options Very compact, the woofers can be either surface-mounted or installed flush in the vehicle's original locations. Design The steel basket of the speaker driver is rigid and durable. The flat grilles supplied, in ABS and Mesh, are just as good-looking as they are inherent in the kit's performance. Finally, the black lacquer finish on the tweeter means it assimilates seamlessly into the cabin of all modern vehicles.

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