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Focal PC 165 SF 6.5" 2-Way Coaxial Speaker Kit

by Focal
Model#PC 165 SF


SKU 82918

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The 61/2' (16.5cm) 2-way coaxial Slate Fiber kit can be summed up in one word: efficiency. This product incorporates the essence of Focal's latest technologies to deliver performance, reliability and French manufacturing. With standard dimensions and a smart design, it can be installed in most vehicles on the market without the need for an additional dedicated amplifier. However, you can still link these speaker drivers to an amplifier if you want to get the very best performance out of them. Its standard dimensions of 61/2” (165mm) and smart design means it can be installed in most vehicles on the market. Last but not least, its high sensitivity offers smooth amplification: PC 165 SF can be directly connected to the original car radio or be used with an amplifier to make the most of its performance. As well as its impressive performance, it is also easy to install thanks to its ultra-compact size and high quality materials.

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