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iFi iSilencer+ USB Noise Filter (USB-A to USB-A)

by iFi


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The iFi iSilencer+ USB Noise Filter serves as a valuable tool for musicians, audio engineers, and audiophiles in domestic settings. This compact USB device effectively eliminates unwanted noise when used with computers and tablet devices. By incorporating passive filtering and iFi's advanced ANC II (active noise cancellation II) technology, the iSilencer+ generates a signal that mirrors and cancels out the electronic noise you aim to eradicate.

In addition to noise reduction, the iSilencer+ plays a key role in reducing jitter, thus minimizing digital distortion and enhancing the audio performance of your device. Leveraging their custom Rebalance technology, the iFi Silencer+ ensures your signal is realigned with the original source, preserving signal integrity and audio quality.

A refinement of the iSilencer 3.0 design, the iSilencer+ boasts enhanced circuitry that includes low-ESR (equivalent series resistance) Tantalum capacitors for I/O filtering. For comprehensive system optimization, it can be effectively paired with the iDefender+ to enhance the performance of your computer setup and chosen DAC.

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