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In Phase USW300 - 300W Underseat Compact Subwoofer



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The key thing about the In Phase USW 300 is the performance, the little active woofer really packs a punch, the bass response is amazing, you really do get SUB Bass from it. Its extremely responsive so the music has a completely different sound once added to the car. Many people think about changing speakers in you car, my advice is just add the USW 300 and you will think you have new life in your car! Enjoy its an awesome product. This underseat subwoofer comes with it's own wiring and amplifier. Please do not use any other kit.


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5" x 8" Aluminium Speaker Aluminium cone provides a nice crisp bass
130W RMS True wattage, this power output is bigger than most underseat subs on the market
Die Cast Aluminium Chassis Solid body, solid construction. An example of quality within the unit
High Level speaker input High level input allows you to tap into the OEM wiring to allow fitting this
Super Compact design Only measuring W 280mm x H 200mm x D 75mm, this sub can fit under most car seats
Bass boost Still craving a little extra? Bass Boost 26db Gain @ 42Hz is available with this unit.
Bass remote Included is a comprehesive bass remote with gain, bass boost and LPF. Phase control is available also
Complete with wiring The USW300 comes complete with a wiring kit to install into any vehicle.
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In Phase USW300 300W Underseat Compact Subwoofer

Building on the immense success of the USW8, USW10 and USW12, we have launched our latest underseat subwoofer. The USW300 is unbeatable in value for performance. This little subwoofer kicks out some serious bass and is a little bigger than the new iPad Air (width and length). Measuring at only 75MM deep, this enclosure can fit under 90% car seats.


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