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Road Angel RACP2 Wireless Apple Car Play Adapter for Aftermarket and OEM


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If you have Car Play this adaptor will give you Wireless Car Play and it works on Any Car Stereo! So even if you have a VW, Skoda, Toyota, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, it will work! It even works on Pioneer, Sony, Kenwood, JVC and Alpine!

Apple Wireless Car Play Adapter - Road Angel RACP2

Wireless Car Play is becoming more and more popular. This adapter allows your OEM Car Play unit OR aftermarket Car Play unit to go wireless. We have tried and tested this product. It works on all Pioneer, Kenwood, JVC and Alpine Car Play units. We had good mobile data connection, so lag was non-existent. (Your experience may be different if you have bad signal).

Please note, cheap and Chinese made head units will not work with this adapter as those head units do not run genuine Apple software. A seconds USB port is present for charging another device

Keep All Factory Car Play Features

Installing this adapter does not affect functionality of the system it is plugged into.

Fast and Responsive
When we tested this unit, it worked seamlessly without lag and functioned as it should. Your experience may differ if you have bad signal.

OEM Button/Touchscreen Control
This product does not disable any touchscreen capabilities or take over the unit at all.

Adaptive resolution

When connected, this product will adapt to the size of the display it is running on.
Please note, this Apple CarPlay does not work with BMW vehicles.  


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