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KEF Q350 Bookshelf Speakers

by KEF


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Renowned for their exceptional clarity and refined detail, the Q350s earned the 'What Hi-Fi' 2018 award.

Utilizing the famous Uni-Q technology for an immersive soundstage

The KEF Q350 effectively employs KEF's renowned Uni-Q drive unit technology. This unique approach positions the treble unit in the center of the woofer, resulting in a single point source for sound across the frequency range. The outcome is a wider, more cohesive sound that delivers exceptional stereo performance across a broader listening area.

Enhanced treble quality

The introduction of a new damped loading system significantly reduces distortion, resulting in a smoother and more detailed top-end. The inclusion of the "tangerine" waveguide system further enhances the integration of treble with the mid-range.

Aluminium woofer cone with Z-Flex surround for minimal distortion

The woofer unit, crafted from lightweight yet rigid aluminium, offers rapid response and linearity. This feature contributes to lifelike dynamics and minimal distortion. Drawing from technologies developed for their high-end Concept Blade speakers, the Q350 exhibits meticulous attention to detail rarely seen in speakers of this class. The Z-Flex woofer surround provides superior cone control, ensuring a seamless blend with the treble unit for consistent and even sound.

Elegant and modern design

With the relocation of the bass port to the rear, the Q350 boasts a sleek and modern appearance. Available in black or white, its minimalist style is nothing short of a design classic.

Perfect for high-quality stereo setups in small to medium-sized rooms or as an integral part of a top-tier AV system, the KEF Q350 proves that great things can come in smaller packages.

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