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KEF Q550 Floorstanding Speaker Pair

by KEF


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Elegant Design and Powerful Sound: Meet the KEF Q550 Speakers

KEF's Q550 speakers leverage the renowned Uni-Q drive unit technology to perfection. By ingeniously positioning the treble unit at the center of the woofer, they create a single point source for sound across the entire frequency range. The result is a more expansive, cohesive sound that provides excellent stereo performance across a wider listening area.

Enhanced Treble Quality

The Q550 benefits from a new damped loading system that significantly reduces distortion, resulting in a smoother, more detailed top-end. The "tangerine" wave guide system ensures a seamless integration of treble with the mid-range. Additionally, the sealed top compartment in the Q550 prevents interference from air movements caused by the bass units.

Low Distortion with Aluminium Woofer Cones and Z-Flex Surround

Crafted from lightweight yet rigid aluminium, the woofer units in the Q550 promptly respond and offer linear performance. This ensures lifelike dynamics and minimal distortion. Borrowing technologies from KEF's high-end Concept Blade speakers, the Q550 pays meticulous attention to detail not typically seen in speakers of its class. The Z-Flex woofer surround ensures superior cone control, facilitating a more even and consistent sound.

Boosted Bass with Extra Woofer and Twin ABRs

The elegant floorstanding cabinet of the Q550 accommodates three additional bass woofers, one of which is powered and exclusively dedicated to bass below the mid-range unit. This configuration functions akin to a subwoofer, providing deep and sustained bass. Furthermore, twin ABRs (Auxiliary Bass Radiators) harness energy within the cabinet to further enhance and sustain the bass response.

Stability with the Included Plinth

The Q550 speakers come complete with bolt-on plinths, offering exceptional stability. The design extends the spikes for maximum stability from a slender speaker, reducing distortion by preventing cabinet movement during high-volume playback. Notably, the spikes are easily adjustable from above, simplifying the setup process.

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