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KEF Q750 Floorstanding Speaker Pair

by KEF


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A Perfect Balance of Power and Sound Quality - The KEF Q750 Floorstanding Speakers

World-Renowned Uni-Q Technology - The KEF Q750 incorporates the famous Uni-Q drive unit, positioning the treble unit in the middle of the woofer for a natural sound stage that delivers a broader, more cohesive sound across the frequency range.

Enhanced Treble Performance - Featuring a new damped loading system and the "tangerine" wave guide, the Q750 minimizes distortion and achieves a smoother, more detailed top-end. The sealed top compartment ensures that treble and mid-range remain unaffected by air movements from the bass units.

Precise Aluminium Woofer - Crafted from lightweight yet rigid aluminium, the woofer units offer lifelike dynamics and minimal distortion. The Q750's attention to detail draws from technologies developed in KEF's high-end Concept Blade speakers, while the Z-Flex woofer surround ensures superior cone control, resulting in a more even and consistent sound.

Thunderous Bass - Inside its elegant floorstanding cabinet, the Q750 houses three additional bass woofers, including a powered subwoofer-like unit and twin ABRs (Auxiliary Bass Radiators) that utilize cabinet energy to enhance and sustain bass response.

Stability Meets Convenience - The Q750 comes complete with bolt-on plinths, providing exceptional stability and reducing distortion by preventing cabinet movement. The adjustable spikes streamline the setup process, ensuring that your speakers remain in place during louder musical moments.

The Complete All-Rounder - Ideal for achieving high-quality stereo sound in medium to large-sized rooms or as part of an exceptional AV system, the KEF Q750 is the epitome of versatility and performance.

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