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Kenwood CAW-ANT410 Active DVB-T Antenna

by Kenwood

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Kenwood CAW-ANT410 Active DVB-T Antenna For UK Market Only Kenwood CAWANT410, Active DVBT antenna Broadband reception in VHF and UHF High effective passive signal collection for high C/N ratio Low noise integrated amplifier Optimized internal gain Low-pass filtering for suppression of GSM, DECT, and other carriers > 862MHz High-pass filtering for suppression of impulsive noise, public broadcasting < 174MHz Active antenna Antenna principle Dual 1/4λ plated CF-dipole Amplifier principle Low noise single stage amplifier Connection Fixed flexible cable 5m with F-connector Power indicator, Yellow LED Output impedance 75 ohm Integrated filtering (Bandpass) 174MHz ~ 240MHz & 470MHz ~ 862MHz Frequency range 174MHz ~ 240MHz & 470MHz ~ 862MHz Channels (CCIR) 5MHz ~ 12MHz & 21MHz ~ 69MHz Internal amplifier gain 17 dBi typ. Antenna gain (UHF) 10 ~ 12 dBi typ. Radiation pattern Slightly directive Directivity (front/back) 3dB Operating voltage 5V (4.5 ~ 5.5V Allowable) Current Consumption 0.025A Dimensions (WxHxD) 178 x 65 x 9mm Weight 112gr

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