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Kenwood KFC-PS3017W PS-series 30cm 12" 2000w Single VC 4Ohm Subwoofer

by Kenwood


SKU 75288

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This 30cm Subwoofer has a robust thermal management system, implemented with an Aluminum Bobbin, Closed Yoke Design, and Advanced Airflow Control. The X-Motif Cap (Injection Molded Polypropylene) controls resonance frequency and cut away unnecessary high frequency sound to deliver powerful, solid bass. Manager Review: The New Kenwood KFC-PS3017W is an awesome looking subwoofer, 2000w Max Power! Double stacked magnets help for improved power handling and cooling for extend use without fatigue. The new X-Motif Cone design not only looks cool but actually is light and stronger resulting in a fast and more accurate detailed bass response, lows are lower and kicks are harder and faster. The steel basket has new forced air cooling design so the voice coil is cooled by the air pumping from the speaker, neat technology! Overall the new woofer gets my support as one of the best in its price category, take a look at the In Phase XT-12 as another option.

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