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Kenwood KSC-PSW8 8" Compact Underseat Subwoofer With Remote 250W Max Power

by Kenwood

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The new Kenwood KSC PSW8 has been developed of the success of it's little brother KSC SW11, which shines in its own right. The KSC-PSW8 is very different in many ways to the small KSC SW11. Made from Die-Cast Aluminium this allows for a more solid enclosure to help give more improved bass. It is a well constructed design and has resonable weight for the size, boasting a massive 8' Subwoofer to give a greater output than most for it's size. The use of D-Class amplification allows greater power in smaller space so the Kenwood has a maximum output of 250w. It has a wired remote control which does not have to be used however using it is a major advantage as this will allow you to adjust the subwoofer while listening. The remote is a compact deign and feels very comfortable in your hand. You can increase/ decrease the output of the subwoofer while listening so if you are in the mood for more bass just turn it up or if you have a headache you can turn it down. Additionally you can adjust the cut-off frequency, this means you can have a deeper or more punch bass depening on what you like. It also has a Phase control on it which allows for a more balanced sound setting in your car, once this is set you have no reason to keep changing. Installation is easy as the KSC-PSW8 comes with all the cables required (excluding RCA if needed) and can be wired using Low level or speaker level input. For best performance we always recommend low level wiring when possible. Sound is good, the subwoofer gives good output and can be installed underseats or in the boot of your car. If you like a deeper bass we would recommend to install the subwoofer in the boot rather than under the seats. Key Features Maximum Power Output: 250w 20cm Woofer Aluminium Die-Cast Frame Wired Remote (Level/Freq./Phase Control) Low Level Line (RCA Cable Required) + Speaker Level Input Auto Signal Sensing Power Control

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