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Kenwood Rear View Camera CMOS-740HD HD Rear / Front High Resolution Camera

by Kenwood


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This high-quality, NTSC universal camera displays a mirror-image on your tuner's screen, giving you a full view of everything the rear-view mirror fails to show. The high-sensitivity camera has a 180° horizonal viewing angle. The embedded CMOS sensor automatically adjusts brightness in light or dark driving conditions. With a resolution of 310,000 pixels, the sensor is as accurate as it is sensitive. The camera even eliminates over-exposed images by removing the white streaks as direct sunlight enters the lens. HD Rear Camera Realizing High-Definition Imaging: The 180° horizontal wide-angle image is displayed on the receiver in HD image quality. With this camera, you can park safely with an easy view of the rear. CMOS-740HD can be connected to the DMX9720XDS. Thanks to HD-TVI technology, HD videos can be transmitted and displayed on the HD display of the receivers using an analog RCA cable. Reducing “Blown out Highlights” and “Crushed Blacks” HDR helps to reduce “blown out highlights” and “crushed blacks” and ensure clear images in challenging environments, including backlit scenes in daylight, streetlight scenes at night and places where light-dark contrast is particularly severe. Protection Against Both Dust and Water Rest assured with the IP67 certified protection that allows the camera to be installed safely outside of the vehicle, even in wet or dusty environments.

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