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Liquid Tech Car Care - Tar & Glue Remover - 500ml



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Easily Cut Through Sticky Residues

Take car cleaning to the next level inside and out with Liquid Tech's powerful Tar & Glue formula. Effortlessly remove stubborn grease, wax, stains and insect residue with our specially formulated solvent blend.


  • Highly effective-lab tested formula designed for direct removal of tar and glue.
  • Tackles insect residue, stubborn grease, wax and oil stains with ease.
  • Safe for use on alloy wheels, paintwork, plastics and glass.


Dissolve hard to remove stains by spraying directly onto the treatment area and after just a few minutes even the heaviest tar stains can be wiped away with ease. Safe to use internally or externally, from alloy wheels to interior plastics, Liquid Tech Tar & Glue Remover provides total car cleaning.

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