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Connects2 CT22FD01 OEM Stereo Removal key

Model# CT22FD01


SKU 220966

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Compatible with following vehicles:
Ford KA 2009 Onwards
NOTE: Some vehicles will require 2 sets if you have the bigger double-din stereo.

Stereo Removal Keys to remove head unit from the fascia cage. Many OEM manufacturers are incorporating special locking mechanisms into their head units in an attempt to prevent stereo theft. This means that to remove one of these units you will require a manufacturer specific stereo removal key to prevent damage to the head unit or the surrounding fascia and cage.
This product has been developed through carefully documented data and research. Connects2 Ltd. or Car Audio Centre cannot be held responsible for discrepancies/inconsistencies that may occur due to vehicle manufacturing changes or options, or damage that may occur in the vehicle during the installation of components. All application data is subject to change.
Please check the connections in the vehicle match the harness you are purchasing.

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