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Monitor Audio Silver 100 7G Bookshelf Speakers


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The Monitor Audio Silver Series, now in its 7th generation, reflects decades of audio expertise. These speakers boast a refined, understated appearance with a choice of real-wood veneers or beautifully painted and finished cabinets, complementing their bold, powerful sound. Featuring class-leading performance through the latest metal coned drivers with Rigid Surface Technology II, the music is precise and distortion-free, even at high volumes.

Imagine a bookshelf speaker surpassing your old floorstander in richer sound and deeper bass—that's the capability of the Monitor Audio Silver 100. With options for real wood veneers to suit your aesthetic preferences, these speakers integrate various technologies, including metal coned drivers with Rigid Surface Technology, a new tweeter design, and an intelligent crossover system. These advancements ensure a noticeable difference in sound quality from the moment you press play.

New Cabinet Design and Finishes
The Silver Series 7G cabinets feature crisply drawn edges, creating a contemporary and timeless look. Choose from five luxurious finishes, including two new real wood veneers—Natural Walnut and Ash.

New Rigid Surface Technology (RST) II Driver Design
The new aluminum alloy enhances the cone's tensile strength while retaining the benefits of C-CAM technology—low distortion, high power handling, and excellent directivity. This allows the drivers to go louder for longer without compromise.

New C-CAM Tweeter Design
Invisible improvements, such as a new magnet structure and rear chamber design, enhance the C-CAM tweeter. The visible Uniform Dispersion Waveguide II and compression ring result in clean, accurate treble response.

New Tweeter and Driver Trims
Minimizing the appearance of the mid/bass driver surround and featuring the tweeter protection dispersion pattern enhances both the look and performance of the speaker.

New Crossover Design
The artful design of splitting the incoming signal between the tweeter and mid/bass driver is achieved through the new crossover design, working harmoniously with the drivers to deliver perfect tonal balance.

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