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Monitor Audio Silver 200 7G Floorstanding Speakers


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The seventh generation Monitor Audio Silver 200 Floorstanding Speakers have evolved to deliver exceptional audio quality. As a compact and high-grade floorstanding speaker, it features the new RST II mid-bass driver for enhanced clarity and presence. The true-to-life sound and excellent directivity make it ideal for music or home cinema setups. Whether used as a stereo pair or part of a surround sound system, these speakers adapt seamlessly. With five stylish variants, including genuine wood veneer or painted surfaces, they complement any living space.

In its seventh generation, Monitor Audio leverages decades of audio expertise to improve its range. New drivers and tweeters enhance frequency response and directivity, ensuring extra clarity and expanded sound quality. The revised crossover between the woofer and tweeter contributes to smooth and natural reproduction of high and low frequencies. The addition of two real wood veneer options, walnut and ash, enhances the sleek and modern appearance, fitting seamlessly into any living space.

RST II and C-CAM Driver Design
The seventh-generation Silver series benefits from innovations developed for the higher Gold range. Trickle-down technologies harmonize the impact of the crossover from tweeter to bass drivers, maximizing the range of the three-inch mid-range driver. The Rigid Surface Technology (RST) II drivers use Ceramic-Coated Aluminium Magnesium (C-CAM) materials, lightweight yet strong enough to withstand kinetic forces during use. Optimized cones and surrounding geometry improve directivity and time response between drive units.

Silver 7G C-CAM Tweeter
Behind the acoustically transparent hexagonal grille lies Monitor Audio's C-CAM tweeter. The robust materials used throughout the Silver 200 allow the tweeter to breathe, raising the high-frequency breakup point beyond the human hearing range. A new magnet motor structure enhances maneuverability, while venting reduces turbulence and energy build-up, improving overall efficiency and performance. The Uniform Dispersion (UD) Waveguide synchronizes sound from each driver, reaching your listening position more harmoniously and widening directivity for larger spaces.

Rear Port System and New Cabinet Design
The rear-ported bass-reflex design augments the dynamic capabilities of the Silver 200, delivering cleaner, smoother, and thrilling bass. The metre-tall cabinet is available in five distinguished finishes, ranging from wood grain to smooth gloss. Outrigger feet with optional carpet spikes add versatility for different floor types.

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