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Monitor Audio Bronze 500 Floorstanding Speaker Pair


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Monitor Audio Bronze 500 Floorstanding Speaker Pair—the pinnacle of the Bronze range.

Majestic Power and Size:
As the Daddy of the Bronze range, the Bronze 500 stands tall, delivering a commanding presence and power to impress in larger rooms. Ideal for those who crave the full force of music, these speakers are also exceptional as formidable front speakers in a home cinema setup. Despite their formidable power, they maintain smooth, refined sound and are efficiently driven even with smaller amps.

Evolution of Excellence:
Now in its sixth generation, the Monitor Audio Bronze range has been a consistent choice for both critics and budget-conscious audiophiles. This latest iteration builds upon its multi-award-winning legacy with improved metal drive units, offering a more focused and lifelike sound. The updated design, featuring contemporary finishes, makes the Bronze 500 the coolest iteration yet.

Crisp and Focused Highs:
Featuring Monitor Audio's renowned C-CAM Gold Dome tweeters, the sound is impeccably crisp. The addition of a UD (Uniform Dispersion) waveguide enhances focus and precision. The signature hexagonal pattern grille not only looks better but also adds a touch of sophistication.

Lifelike Sound with Twin C-CAM Bass Drivers:
Equipped with twin C-CAM bass drivers, the Bronze 500 achieves lifelike sound reproduction. This configuration extends the bass lower while preserving the quality of the mid-range, crucial for exceptional vocal reproduction. The Ceramic-Coated Aluminium Magnesium (C-CAM) woofers, developed from aerospace technology, strike the perfect balance between bass weight and precision. New cone geometry and DCM (Damped Concentric Mode) technology provide increased control for an even more natural and lifelike sound.

Rigid Cabinets for Low Distortion:
Class-leading drive units require top-notch housing, and the Bronze range excels in this aspect. The 21/15mm (baffle/cabinet) MDF construction with internal bracing reduces vibration, resulting in cleaner, less distorted audio. Silver-plated, oxygen-free copper internal cable ensures the highest quality current transfer, optimizing the signal.

Contemporary Finishes for a Crisp Look:
The 6G range introduces a fresh aesthetic, making it the sharpest-looking Bronze range to date. The two-tone finish enhances the speakers' design, reducing visual bulk. Choose between black or walnut with a dark grey satin finish baffle for a traditional look. Alternatively, match walnut or white with a light grey satin finish baffle for a lighter, more contemporary style.

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