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Monitor Audio Bronze W10 6G Subwoofer


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Unleash powerful, thunderous bass in a compact form with the Monitor Audio Bronze W10 6G Subwoofer—a beast made better.

Evolutionary Excellence:
Building upon the success of its predecessor, the latest 6G version of the Bronze W10 takes performance to new heights. A 30% improvement in speed or sound decay ensures a lightning-fast response, keeping you on the edge of your seat during thrilling movie moments and enhancing the dynamism of music. Enhanced rubber feet provide superior isolation, minimizing distortion caused by floor and wall vibrations.

Feel the Bass with C-CAM Technology:
At the heart of the W10 is a ten-inch, long-throw C-CAM bass driver—technology that surpasses conventional subwoofers. The seamless, lightweight, and rigid aluminium construction delivers rapid response to sound changes. Complementing this, a passive ABR (Auxiliary Bass Radiator) at the base of the sub utilizes cabinet energy to further reinforce the bass, achieving maximum impact from a compact design.

Total Control with 220W Class-D Amp:
A high-current Class-D amplifier, boasting around 220 watts of clean power, keeps the thunderous bass under precise control. This powerful amp ensures that bass starts and stops exactly when it should, without the wallow and boom that can affect lesser subs.

Customizable Bass Experience:
Choose from three pre-set EQ modes—Music, Movie, and Impact—to tailor the characteristics of the subwoofer to your preference. Whether you desire subtle sound, dynamic audio for intense action movies, or a powerful impact for parties, the Bronze W10 adapts to your mood.

Contemporary Finishes for a Crisp Look:
The 6G range introduces a fresh aesthetic, making it the sharpest-looking Bronze range to date. The two-tone finish enhances the speakers' design, reducing visual bulk. Opt for black or walnut with a dark grey satin finish baffle for a traditional look, or select walnut or white with a light grey satin finish baffle for a more contemporary style.

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