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Monitor Audio CLG160 Climate Garden Speaker (Single)


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Entertainment with the CLG160 Garden Speaker: Seamless Sound Integration in Every Setting

Discover a new dimension of outdoor audio excellence with the CLG160 speaker, designed for ground-level installation in gardens, around decking areas, or effortlessly mounted on trees, poles, or garden fences. Its rigid polymer shell ensures resilience to extreme weather conditions, making it a reliable choice for open-air environments.

Simple Installation for Unmatched Flexibility

Enjoy hassle-free installation with the CLG160, requiring mono configuration wiring and powered by a single amplifier channel. The second channel can power the subwoofer, enabling easy equalization between bass and mid-high range levels. For those seeking stereo operation, the system can be tailored to create distinct left/right zones, providing a customised audio experience.

Aesthetics that Complement the Outdoors

While delivering high-quality sound for outdoor entertainment, the CLG160's aesthetics are thoughtfully designed to seamlessly blend into the natural landscape. Finished in an elegant dark brown, the speaker discreetly enhances your outdoor environment. If desired, the speaker casing can be painted in a different colour to match specific preferences.

Immerse yourself in superior outdoor audio with the CLG160 speaker—where functionality meets aesthetics, creating an unparalleled audio experience amidst nature's beauty.

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