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Monitor Audio Climate 50 Outdoor Speaker Pair


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Outdoor Ambiance with the Monitor Audio Climate 50 Speakers

Bring music to the great outdoors with the Monitor Audio Climate 50 speakers, designed for smaller outdoor areas and crafted to deliver an immersive audio experience in any environment.

Purpose-Built for Outdoor Excellence: Monitor Audio Climate 50

Engineered for outdoor brilliance, the Monitor Audio Climate 50 speakers feature all-weather construction, making them ideal for challenging outdoor conditions. The weatherproof cabinets, resistant to moisture and UV, are built to withstand temperature extremes. Rust-resistant aluminium grilles and robust brackets enhance durability.

Bronze-Matched Sound Quality: C-CAM Technology

Experience genuine hi-fi sound quality with the Climate 50, equipped with the C-CAM treble unit from the Bronze BX range. The C-CAM (Ceramic Coated Aluminium Magnesium) tweeter boasts an extended frequency response up to 30 kHz, providing a smooth, sweet, and detailed treble response. This advanced technology ensures that lower audible notes remain uncompromised, contributing to a well-rounded and high-quality sound. The compact woofer complements the treble, delivering lifelike vocals and a punchy bass.

Versatile Installation Options: Flexible Design

The Climate 50 speakers come with standard mounting brackets, offering flexibility in placement and easy adjustment to achieve the perfect position. The versatile bracket allows up to 175 degrees of horizontal or vertical adjustment. Additionally, a supplied installation wedge increases the angle of rotation by an extra 15 degrees, expanding the choice of firing angles. Available in black or white, the Climate range of speakers complements diverse environments, and for an exact colour match, the cabinets can be spray-painted with a suitable paint.

Transform your outdoor spaces with the superior audio performance of the Monitor Audio Climate 50 speakers, combining weather-resistant design with impressive sound quality

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