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Monitor Audio Silver 6G W12 Subwoofer


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Monitor Audio Silver 6G W12 Subwoofer.

Designed as part of the Silver Series, this subwoofer delivers seismic bass, reaching down to an impressive 22 Hz. The powerful, long-throw 12-inch driver is at the core of the Silver W-12, featuring an over-specified driver assembly with a robust magnet system and a massive voice coil. All of this is packed into a compact sealed cabinet for efficient and impactful bass delivery.

Driver Assembly:

The subwoofer's driver assembly is designed for power, employing a highly powerful magnet system and a substantial voice coil. The heavy-duty diecast basket not only ensures rigidity but also aids in thermal sinking, keeping the driver cool even during intense use.


Monitor Audio has chosen a 500-watt Class-D amplifier and power-supply module from renowned amplifier specialist Hypex. This configuration provides ample headroom and leverages advanced switch-mode power conversion techniques for optimal performance.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP):

The Silver W-12 incorporates a powerful DSP to ensure top-notch performance and precise filter characteristics. The Automatic Position Correction (APC) system, developed in-house, automatically corrects room modes using a microphone and test tones. This ensures an optimized frequency response tailored to the room and position, offering a hassle-free and effective solution.


A sophisticated 32-bit micro-controller serves as the heart of the Silver W-12. Monitoring performance thousands of times per second, it ensures that the subwoofer operates at its best, preventing over-driving or distortion even at maximum power.

Experience the Monitor Audio Silver 6G W12 Subwoofer for a remarkable blend of power, precision, and automated optimization that takes your audio to new depths.

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