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Optoma HZ40HDR Compact Full HD Laser Home Projector

by Optoma


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The Optoma HZ40HDR embodies the prowess of laser projector technology, packaged in a more space-efficient design for your convenience.

Laser Lighting Advantages

Utilising Texas Instruments’ DLP system with laser phosphor light, the HZ40HDR stands at the pinnacle of projector technology. Laser illumination delivers remarkable contrast levels (2,000,000:1) and vivid colour accuracy, ensuring an exceptionally lifelike image quality. Additionally, the laser light source is expected to outlast typical projector bulbs and provide consistent performance over its lifespan.

Outstanding Brightness for Varied Environments

With an impressive brightness of 4000 ANSI Lumens, the HZ40HDR delivers vibrant colours and exceptional clarity even in well-lit settings. Its high brightness allows for remarkable picture quality, making it suitable for various lighting conditions, including daylight with open curtains or blinds.

HDR for Enhanced Visuals

Supporting HDR video, the HZ40HDR enables you to witness enhanced details and textures. HDR technology improves both the brightest and darkest parts of scenes, revealing details that were previously concealed within solid colours. This enhancement also ensures a more natural representation of the colour spectrum, offering an immersive viewing experience.

Enhanced Gaming Experience

Switching the projector to Game mode elevates the gaming experience by delivering maximum contrast and vibrant colours, bringing out every detail in your games.

Rec.709 Certification for Superior Picture Quality

Meeting the Rec.709 HD video standard ensures precision in colour, resolution, frame rate, and display specifications, offering a truly cinematic appearance to your viewing experience.

Crystal-Clear 1080p Detail

Powered by Texas Instrument's DLP technology, the HZ40HDR provides sharp, defined images and true-to-life colours. Even at larger screen sizes, it offers astounding detail typically found in higher-priced projectors.

Compact and Convenient

Featuring an external power supply, the HZ40HDR is more compact, portable, and energy-efficient, making it easier to integrate into your space or transport between locations.

Enhanced Connectivity

Equipped with twin HDR-compatible HDMI 2.0 inputs, the HZ40HDR ensures seamless connection to the latest sources like UHD Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, or TV set-top boxes. Moreover, it offers multi-room connectivity with an RS232 interface and includes a 3.5mm analogue audio output for soundbar connections.

USB Power for Smart Accessories

Featuring a convenient USB power output, the HZ40HDR can power USB-driven smart devices such as Google Chromecast, Roku, or Amazon Fire TV, providing easy access to smart video and TV services without additional devices or long cables.

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