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Pioneer DEH-S720DAB CCD Tuner with DAB/DAB+, Bluetooth, multi colour illumination, USB and Spotify

by Pioneer


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Pioneer Single DIN DEH-S720DAB Packs A Mighty Punch For A Bargain Price Pioneer's range of head units is comfortably one of the largest and most inclusive commercially available, with a massive selection of both single and double DIN units to suit all budgets and cars. The latest addition to the range is the DEH-S720DAB, a stunningly built single DIN unit that boasts an impressive battery of features, is priced very reasonably, and has been designed to fit a wide selection of vehicles. The DEH-S720DAB's single DIN design means that it's eminently suited for fitment to a huge variety of cars, including those older, classic and retro vehicles, examples of which often leave a lot to be desired in terms of in car entertainment. Its compact size belies the DEH-S720DAB's broad spread of abilities and features, many of which have traditionally only been associated with head units several price brackets above it. One of the unit's most impressive aspects is its fully integrated DAB functionality, allowing for digital radio stations to be quickly and simply tuned into, with crystal clear reception at all times. It even comes with Pioneer's industry leading Time Shift feature, giving you the ability to pause and rewind live DAB radio transmissions. DAB radio is undoubtedly the future, and with rumours continuing to swirl of a complete digital switchover in the coming years, there's a lot to be said for 'future proofing' your pride and joy before that time comes. Far from a one trick-pony, the DEH-S720DAB can also function as an all-purpose connectivity hub for both Apple and Android Smartphones, allowing for music to be streamed via Bluetooth. Bluetooth connectivity also allows for hands free calling, voice activation via Siri or similar voice recognition systems, and it can even be used to pair two seperate and distinct mobile phones. Music is very much a DEH-S720DAB speciality, with the aforementioned DAB radio functionality joined by the ability to stream music from popular apps such as Spotify and Deezer, and, for those that still like their music in a traditional, hard format, a built in CD drive and USB slot. This raft of options give a huge amount of freedom when it comes to choosing which format to store and listen to music, all of it displayed in glorious, crystal clear format by LCD screen. It also packs a hefty audio punch, four 50 Watt MOSFET amplifiers ensuring that your music – be it streamed, stored, saved or read – is emitted in a suitably sharp and clear manner. It should go without saying that, should you wish to upgrade your vehicle's sound system at the same time, Pioneer is well placed to help. The unit has been optimised to work with the OEM-fitted speakers and subs already in place and will therefore provide crisp, engaging sound right out of the box, but Pioneer's position at the cutting edge of the in car and entertainment and speaker industries means that it's equally capable of supplying with almost any kind of setup you desire. The firm's range includes the PRS line (among the finest money can buy), the TS-D series with fibre cone for exceptional vocal clarity, the TS-A (capable of handling extreme bass levels), and many more. Amazing features and functions aside, the unit's 'trump card' is its small size, allowing it to be fitted to a massive selection of makes and models. Its compact nature means that it can be installed in classic and retro cars, at a stroke imbuing them with the kind of functions and features that have, until now, been the sole preserve of modern machinery. A key unit within Pioneer's range, the DEH-S720DAB is able to punch far above its weight in terms of sound quality and functionality, and those seeking a brilliant single DIN head unit could do a lot worse than investing in it.

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