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Puritan CLASSIC Mains Cables For Audiophile Performance

by Puritan


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The conductors of ordinary mains cables act as an antenna for the electromagnetic interference that floods our environment. They direct this hash and rubbish directly into our reproduction chain inhibiting your system’s ability to accurately resolve minute and subtle information.

Whilst conventional shielded cables prevent this interference from reaching the conductors, unfortunately they deposit these disturbances to ground, the same ground that your system components use as their reference, increasing system noise and signal errors.

Puritan Proprietary Dissipative Technology provides a unique barrier of dissipative shielding. Interference bombarding the cable is absorbed by the dissipative shields where its energy is absorbed and dissipated by converting into micro heat energy through multiple attenuation paths, preventing EMI reaching the internal conductors and avoiding the problem of the shielded interference being dumped onto the system earth plane.

Available in 1.0 – 1.5 – 2.0 – 3.0 M and 4 M

These power cables come with UK 3 Pin plug and C13 connections as standard. If you need any other connection C7, C19, or different plugs, please get in touch. 

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