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Puritan Guardian Power Strip Upgrade

by Puritan


SKU 75309

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The Puritan Guardian is an extremely cost-effective upgrade to a standard mains power bar.

Using several methods to remove and isolate mains born interference it allows you to hear your system as the designers intended.

Whilst most of us cannot have a dedicated spur for our system Guardian helps to combat some of the issues that are caused by sharing an electrical circuit.

What can you expect once you have installed the Guardian, put simply a clearer presentation, this applies to both audio and visual products, with visual product pictures will appear sharper and with audio, cleaner more accurate sounds will be heard.

Multiple Guardians can be used around the home to further suppress the noise that is inherent in the mains supply. Often it is other products connected to the mains that cause this noise, heating pumps and fridge compressors are a bit noise generator, other things like switch mode power supplier found with laptops push a HUGE amount of noise into your mains feed.

It also offers a 30,000 Amps for surge protection so will help protect your system from harmful spikes and surges.

Add a Guardian to your system today and we are sure you will be amazed at what it does for your system!

  • Combats Voltage Surges and Spikes
  • Massive 30,000 Amps of Protection
  • Reduces Common Mode Interference
  • Reduces Differential Mode Interference
  • Improves Audio Visual Performance
  • Ultra Safe 4 Way Internal Protection
  • Protects Against Dirty Electricity Hazards

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