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Q Acoustics 3050i Floorstanding Speaker Pair


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Enhanced HPE Technology for Optimal Sound
Exclusive to the 3050i model, HPE (Helmholtz Pressure Equalizer) technology effectively reduces distortion. Typically, larger speaker cabinets accumulate pressure, leading to resonance and distortion. HPE equalises this pressure, resulting in a less distorted, purer sound.

Improved Cabinet Bracing
Complementing HPE, new P2P (Point-to-Point) bracing reinforces rigidity and further diminishes cabinet distortion. Reduced cabinet distortion enables the drive units to operate optimally, delivering a cleaner, more refined sound.

Revised Drive Units for Precision
The newly developed surrounds of the bass units improve accuracy and responsiveness. Coated paper woofer cones, being lightweight and rigid, contribute to the 3050i's deep and impactful sound. Tweeter units, decoupled from the cabinet, avoid vibration interference from the bass, ensuring clear and unaffected treble. These speakers excel in delivering powerful and pure sound.

Dual Woofers for Immersive Sound
The 3050i's, equipped with twin woofer units, produce effortlessly deep and dynamic bass. Despite their exhilarating performance, these speakers maintain refinement, capturing even the subtlest musical nuances. Perfect for a home cinema setup, their grand sound suits front speaker roles. Pair with the matching 3000i-Series centre and satellite speakers for a harmonious sound system.

Diverse Finishes for Your Aesthetic
Featuring uniquely rounded cabinets, the 3050i speakers boast stylish design. Choose from four finishes to suit your home decor: Graphite Grey and Carbon Black for a technical aesthetic, Arctic White for modern interiors, and English Walnut vinyl for both classic and contemporary furniture.

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