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Chord Company PowerHAUS S6 UK Mains Distribution Block


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Power Distribution Technology
The Chord Company PowerHAUS mains block integrates decades of expertise in signal and power transfer. It's equipped with a unique adaptation of the acclaimed ARAY technology - MainsARAY - tailored for efficient power distribution.

Purposeful Design for Optimal Performance
Every component within the PowerHAUS is meticulously designed and purpose-built. Both M6 and S6 models are non-switched, omitting filters and neon power indicators that can create noise and compromise quality. Crafted from solid aluminium, they minimize undesirable microphony effects.

High-Quality Construction and Cables
Featuring high-quality, heavy-gauge cables and reliable sockets, the PowerHAUS blocks ensure optimal performance. Equipped with a high-performance 16-amp IEC, they can handle the demands of even the most robust home audio systems.

Two Performance Levels
Available in two performance levels - the flagship M6 (Master) and the entry-level S6 (Studio) - these six-way PowerHAUS distribution devices are the result of an extensive product development phase.

Flagship M6 Performance
The M6 delivers top-tier performance, incorporating three hybrid MainsARAYs in parallel, removing high-frequency noise while staying outside the circuit. The wiring runs along isolated bus bars to minimize RFI effects, with careful placement of the earth bus bar.

S6: Affordable Improvement
Retaining core features of the M6, the S6 offers affordability while delivering a significant upgrade over standard mains distribution blocks.

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