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Road Angel Pure One

Model#Pure One
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Pure One New For 2022! Road Angel’s New Pure One offers the best advancements of all Road Safety Tech!

A developed combination of all the essential features all in ONE place. Using Road Angel’s Brand-New Graphical User Interface, it offers a detailed, bright display for all your speed-related driving safety needs!

Heads-up Safety Display

The Pure series acts as a "Heads-Up Display" to keep drivers concentrated on the road ahead! Ths ultimately helps you be a safer, more focused driver.

In the newly designed interface, the Pure One gives you key information including Road Speed Limit, Digital Speedometer, Peripheral Alerts and Safety Alerts. It also tells you the distance to the alert.

When mounted correctly, the Pure One wil be visible in the Driver's peripherial line of sight.

Using a "heads-up display", drivers spend less time taking their eyes off the road.

Mobile Safety Camera Vans

Mobile Safety Camera Vans

Did you know, you’re statistically most likely to be caught out by out of these vans within 5 miles of your home? Well, not when using a Road Angel Pure One that is! This unit Keeps your miles ahead and makes you a safer and more informed driver. You will be alerted to the location which Safety Camera Van uses and its hotspots. And you’ll even be alerted even when the Camera Van is live using our Live Camera share!

*Relies on other users reporting when live.

Advanced Fixed Speed Camera Detection System

Advanced Fixed Speed Camera Detection System

Using our Live – onboard modem, our speed camera detectors give live updates and essential information based on your GPS location, to guarantee you get the most up-to-date and relevant information on even the most remote road.

Don’t worry! This covers all types of Fixed Speed Cameras!

Smart Motorways & Lane Closures

Smart Motorways & Lane Closures

A feature unique to Road Angel, once active, your Pure One will receive direct connectivity with the UK’s Highways England agency & provide you extra protection & information while using the UK Smart Motorway network with real-time temporary speed changes alerts & active Lane Closures. Feel more comfortable on your long drives or daily commutes!

*Subject to location and subscription type.

Bus Lane & Red-Light Cameras

Bus Lane & Red-Light Cameras

Make the most from your device, not only get speed camera and Overspeed alerts, but utilise additional safety features and get protection from those pesky bus lane & red light cameras which are popping up everywhere.

Road Angel helping you avoid further fines and penalty points!

Traffic Congestion & Roadworks

Traffic Congestion & Roadworks

Enable Road Angel's Smart Motorway package, get extra protection and more information for your longer drives or daily commutes with real-time congestion & roadwork alerts.

*subject to subscription

Fixed Speed Camera

Information is power! A more informed driver is a safer driver! these pesky buggers! Your device will alert you to each type of fixed-speed camera ahead of time, allowing you to adjust if necessary.

Mobile Camera Vans

Yes, that’s right! The Pure will alert you to Mobile Camera Van Spots to help you stay safe on the road! Helping you to keep a clean licence!

Average Speed Camera

You can’t drive anywhere without seeing a few of these on your route! Don’t worry! The Pure has your back! It will even tell you your real-time average speed within the average zone.

Overspeed Alert

Ever get distracted while driving? Kids? Radio? A hands-free phone call? Well, it’s so easy for these brief lapses of attention, acting as a significant distraction for you to accidentally creep over the speed limit. The Pure will warn you when you do, to swiftly bring your attention to the Road ahead!

Red Light Camera

That’s Right! The Pure keeps you covered from everything on the road! – sometimes you can think it’s safe to drive through that Amber light – best not to when a Red Light Camera is watching you!

Bus Lane Camera

Ever got one of these fines? Sometimes its hard to see the signs or road markings! The Pure will alert you when there is a Bus Lane Camera around.

Smart Motorways

Subject to your subscription type, the Pure will give a direct feed to Highways England's server infrastructure - allowing for updated live information about temporarily reduced speed limits as you travel on Smart Motorways.

Real-Time Average Speed

While you travel within an Average Speed Zone the device will automatically work out your real-time average speed and give you an indication of this as you drive through these zones. This is a great insight into how you drive!

Lane Closures

As part of our Smart Motorways Package, this will also alert you to Lane Closures ahead, giving you time to prepare to change lanes, drop gears, and reduce speed safely and in advance!

Stay Connected & Protected!

Get a Direct real-time network feed to your Pure One using its onboard Modem!
A SIM card is embedded into the device and pre-activated for live connectivity through the mobile network with Road Angel's newly upgraded server infrastructure, providing live subscription data based on your subscription package.

EU Roaming Ready

UK/EU wide Speed camera information, camera share, average speed cameras, real-time Average speed personalised Overspeed alerts, red light cameras, fixed safety cameras, motorway safety cameras, blackspot areas, school zones, in-built laser camera detection, road speed limits, bus lane cameras, with vehicle categorisation. 

Ever have a lapse of focus while driving?

It just takes a split second, changing song, kids asking questions, and a call coming through on your hands-free!

Well, the Pure One help you stay concentrated on safer driving! If you accidentally creep over a speed limit the Pure will alert you with a visual and audible alert to remind you to adjust your speed back to a safe and correct speed.

Hmmm… wonder what the speed limit is on a Road?

Ever find a situation where you are driving and unsure what speed you should be driving at? Well, it can happen to anybody! Especially on a road like this, with no repeaters visible, you’d have to assume the speed limit you should be driving at.
Make this a thing of the past with an onscreen Road Speed Library!

*Information updated with device Firmware.

Automatic Ambient Light Sensor!

We go the extra mile with Safety, our Pure One will automatically adjust the brightness level of it’s new GUI based on the ambient light levels of its surrounding, meaning it will not cause you or any other road users any glare while driving! Be sure to turn this on in the settings!

Hardwire or Plug In!

The Pure One has the option to be wired directly into your vehicle Fuse box/ignition system or you can simply pop the supplied accessories into your car’s 12volt socket! You may be able to use the existing USB port, but please check your voltage output.