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Road Angel Pure Vision RA7100 Wireless Charge Windscreen Mount



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The new Wireless Windscreen Mount for the new Road Angel Pure Vision. This amazing accessory allows you to mount your new Road Angel Pure Vision to the windscreen. With its built in wireless charging technology, the windscreen mount allows you to charge your Pure device whilst you drive. With its slick and compact design, the windscreen mount takes up very little space and with no wires, allows you to apply it almost anywhere on the windscreen for an ideal setup for you. Wireless Charging Technology Wireless charging means goodbye to rewiring your Pure in everytime you take it out the car. This allows the Road Angel Pure to be positioned almost anywhere on the windscreen. Slick and Compact Design The windscreen mounts compact and efficient design allows for less obstruction of the road ahead while securely holding your Road Angel Pure to a view that suits you.

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