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Snooper PB-60 Waterproof 10400mAh Powerbank

by Snooper


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Whether you’re camping, at a festival or enjoying a hike in the countryside, the PB60 allows you keep your mobile phone, camera or other devices charged while away from access to mains power. Power on demand The PB60 provides quick charging in a lightweight, easy-to-carry design. The lithium cells provide a charging capacity of 10,400mAh, providing enough power to charge a smartphone three or four times or a tablet once. The strong power output of 1.5A allows you charge to a device quickly and efficiently, which can be crucial in an emergency. Rugged design The power bank’s silicone cover protects the device from the rigours of the outdoors, including mud, dust and rain, and provides protection from impacts. The versatile design allows for easy transportation and storage whether rolled out or folded up. Versatile charging Ventura’s PB60 allows devices to be charged while the power bank is being charged itself, meaning if you run out of juice while away from home, you can plug into another power source, such as a solar panel pack. You can view remaining power by taking a look at the illuminated power level indicator.

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