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Snooper S5100-MYS XL G2 Speed limits and Speed Camera Alerts

by Snooper


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The device’s AURA database provides drivers with all the information they need on the locations for all types of speed traps, including speed cameras, mobile camera vans and laser guns. Easy view updates The large, 5' clear colour display ensures you can easily see information on the screen, with the speed limit displayed on the right and your speed limit on the left. If you’re driving above the limit, this will appear in a red circle, and if you’re keeping within the speed limit, it will appear in a green circle. PC & MAC Compatible Windows Vista,7,8 &10 OS X 10.12, 10,11, 10.10 Extensive database of speed limits across the world Using GPS technology and databases provided by AURA and HERE, you can receive visual and audio updates on the speed limit on almost any road across the world. Countries in the ever-growing database include: UK Germany Holland Belgium France Spain Ireland Portugal Switzerland Finland Spain Portugal Switzerland Italy

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