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Snooper Truckmate SC5900 DVR G2 5" Touchscreen Sat-Nav with Built in Dashcam

by Snooper


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Snooper’s Truckmate SC5900 DVR G2 with Built-in Dash Cam is an advanced satellite navigation system dedicated to safe, efficient routing for professional drivers. SC5900 DVR combines our award-winning street level truck navigation. Features Junction view and lane guidance SC5900 DVR G2 provides full-screen images of main motorway junctions that are displayed on approach. Specially formulated software suggests which lane or lanes to use for safe transferral. Multi-route technology The Truckmate SC5900 DVR G2 allows users to input up to 16 destinations by searching via postcode, junction number or destination. It then calculates the most economical route for you to save time and money. Built-in GPS Dash Cam Snooper SC5900 DVR The Truckmate SC5900 DVR G2 incorporates a 130° HD Dash Cam with GPS. Footage of your journey is stored onto the included 8GB SD card which will loop recordings, the videos will be embedded with GPS location & time data to provide key evidence should it be required. 3-Axis G sensor will ensure any incidents are automatically saved not to be automatically overwritten. Truck-specific points of interest There are over two million points of interest preloaded into the SC5900 DVR G2 device, including hotels, restaurants, petrol stations, speed cameras and cash machines, as well as Air1 AdBlue Retail Filling Station points of interest. Vehicle profiles The Truckmate SC5900 DVR G2 allows users to input up to 10 different vehicle profiles, meaning users who drive different sized vehicles can switch and change to access route information specific for that vehicle.

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