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SVS SB3000 Subwoofer

by SVS


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The SVS SB3000 is your gateway to truly deep and incredibly controlled bass, earning a well-deserved recommendation from Hi-Fi Choice.

Immersive Low Frequencies
Equipped with a bespoke 13-inch woofer unit, the SB3000 plunges effortlessly into the lowest registers, reaching a remarkable 18Hz. This level of low-frequency extension ensures you catch every subtle nuance in soundtracks, from the rumble of a submarine to the intense tension of films like Dunkirk. The SB3000's robust 800-watt amplifier and twin magnet drive system guarantee impeccable bass control, delivering lively dynamics and an upbeat sound.

Musical Finesse
The SB3000 leverages a sophisticated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) that expertly manages its prodigious power. A comprehensive set of filters and parameter controls allows for precise fine-tuning, ensuring the subwoofer never sounds boomy or overblown.

Intuitive Smartphone Control
With the SVS control app, compatible with both Apple iOS and Android devices, you have convenient, precise control at your fingertips. Adjust various DSP functions like volume, EQ settings, low pass filters, phase, polarity alignment, room gain optimization, custom presets, and system settings from your preferred listening position. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, you can maintain complete control even if the subwoofer is hidden away.

Room-Friendly Design
Despite its powerful output, the SB3000 remains remarkably room-friendly. You won't have to fret about obstructing a port outlet, thanks to its sealed cabinet. Its modest dimensions make placement a breeze, making the most of the abundant bass on offer.

Premium Craftsmanship for Durability
Crafted from robust MDF, the SB3000 not only ensures distortion-free sound but also longevity. The elegant gloss black finish complements a wide range of TVs and speakers. Plus, it comes with a non-resonant steel mesh grille to safeguard the woofer when necessary.

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